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Navarro&Aranda starts from the initiative in 2017 with a clear and well-defined idea with the aim of providing a quality service and with maximum guarantees within the wide range of the real estate sector, in Navarro&Aranda everything is thought and built around a very solid base and a concept of exclusivity.

With a clear premise of giving the best service to our clients we have put all our effort in each and every one of the details starting with our central office in the street via maximum of Vila-seca, an excellent location in the heart of the golden coast providing it with all the comforts and the latest technologies in addition to a great human team to help and assist them in the most effective and professional way while close. Not only do we want to do business, but create professional and human ties that allow us to satisfy our customers.

We continue to work every day to meet the expectations placed on our company and become a real estate reference in the province of Tarragona.